Discover Data Visualization with Tableau!

From connection to collaboration, Tableau is a complete, extremely powerful, secure and flexible analytics platform.

Live Objects now connects to Tableau to help you to see and to understand your data and objects.

Just learn how to connect your IoT data with Tableau!

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How to guide to link Live Objects to tableau

Visualize your data with Kibana without leaving Live Objects

Live Objects uses Elasticsearch to index data.

You can open a Kibana window to view your data from the Live Objects portal without having to install anything.

You will find Kibana in the “Data” tab. If your account does not have Kibana currently, contact us.

Otherwise download our PDF guide to get started with Kibana in Live Objects.

Learn more about Kibana Download PDF

Your dashboards without coding with Jyse

Jyse is a solution to create IoT dashboards with a high level of customization without coding.

At your choice in SaaS mode or hosted in your premises you choose data sources and graphic representations by drag and drop to share your data with your teams.

Jyse offers you a free 30 days try to be used with Live Objects

Click here to watch the Getting Started tutorial

Ask your 30 days free account Download PDF

Dashboarding with Node-RED

Install and use the dashboarding module of Node-red.

In addition to display your data, you can also send commands to your devices though Live Objects.

Follow our tutorial on Github Download PDF

Dashboards with Freeboard is an open source dashboard project with optional hosted subscriptions, easy to integrate with various data sources, ready for production and very well designed.

Following our PDF guide to learn how connect your Live Objects account with Freeboard.

Get your Freeboard account Download PDF